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About Us

Lender Capital Group is located in Seattle, Wa. and is a fast growing company in the relm of financing commercial real estate through products like bridge, hard money, and transitional loans, but a natural progression from our years of experience in cashflow funding, property management & mantainence, note finding & funding, assignments and project management. With our sister company Ubiquity Financial Services, we are able to find, locate, and fund a multitude of real estate projects through the many direct lending contacts cultivated over the years, and with our lending partners we will be attempting to place as much decretionary and opportunistic capital as necessary to help our clients with sensitive and time of the essence capital needs, so all projects will be consiered for funding.

We are actively seeking to work with other lending institutions, banks, and broken hard money pools to purchase toxic assets, PN/NPN, and REO pools and/or one-offs, for our and partner client portfolios. We have acquisition capital in place and can move rapidly to take down pools of $50,000,000.00 or less.

So if you have contacts, work in loan sales or as a portfolio manager we'd appreciate the opportunity to work directly to provide coverage for your institution resulting in instant liquidity and a capital injection.

We work with several private "hard money" lenders that are ready and able to fund SFR acquisition, refinance, debt purchase, and cashout scenarios for your needs, may it be business purposes or partner buyout, for owner occupied and/or investment properties. We'll work with you to get you the funding that you need to acheive those wants and needs.

We also offer to our clients an equity facility for bulk purchases of discounted, distressed debt, NPN & REO pools, of ten or more notes/assets. Singles can be done on a case by case basis.

We are proud to offer funding for Debtor-In-Possession & Discounted Pay-offs (DIP/DPO) financing . This is a special form of financing granted to individuals and/or companies in financial trouble. Usually they (individuals/companies) are in a Chapter 11/13 bankruptcy proceeding. The unique feature of a DIP loan is that the bankruptcy court usually grants a super-priority status to the new loan. This means that the new loan gets to jump in front of any mezzanine financing and any senior mortgages in the debt stack.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to accomadate 100% of our clients needs and 75% of their wants, while always trying to make this world a better place that we can all be proud of. . . . . . .Join in the madness and enjoy the ride, this is the only one we'll get, We Give Praise and Glory To Our Creator! "I Am"